Meer informatie is onderweg. Hieronder kun je ons verhaal in het engels lezen

It all started with a vision about creating a place what is an extension of my way of living.

Doing everything I like, creating new things and doing this with passion and true craftsmanship

The interior is all found an collected in the last couple years started collecting in 2011. During travelling around the world I picked up things from everywhere with the idea of opening my own dream shop one day.

The feeling and atmosphere what I felt everywhere in the world at a bar and in a barbershop where both amazing so the idea of having my own bar as a waiting area in my shop was born.

People connect with each other sitting and having a drink together. Especially in a barbershop it’s nice if people can share there ideas or help each other out.

The name The Garage 39
Was there allready since I started cutting hair at the age of 14 years old. I’ve learned myself the old craft the first year. Cutting friends and family in the garage of my parents. After this year I could be an apprentice in a oldschool barbershop to really learn what I was actually trying at that very moment.

After years of experience in several shops, doing world wide presentations and shows for 50 till 3000 people I’m still doing my haircuts with the same idea and happiness as in the garage where the base of al the adventures started.

So the name The Garage 39 is a true name for who I am and where I came from

The 39 is a special part it’s a ode to my biggest inspiration and biggest friend my grandfather who always told me that he as a true cabinet maker that would make my whole interior when I was opening my own shop. He passed away before I could open The Garage 39
The birth year of my grandfather was 33. By only turning this one 3 upside down I got the housenumber of my barbershop. So it’s an ode and it’s a designation for where the shop is.