As a 16 years old school kid kenny started cutting his friends, in the garage of his parents not to make money but to do explore his creativity in this way. Another nice incidental was that all his friends were walking around with creative and good haircuts. Most of the time it was all clipper work because figuering out scissor work by your self is quit hard. At the age of 19 years old he started with his journey to become a classified barber. One year he followed the Barberschool Amsterdam and got the experience of the craft. His dream came true and started focussing to become one of a kind. After 2 years of expierence in a shop in Deventer he thought of the next step and became the first member of The Garage 39. Makes fun in life and always want to grow, that makes him defenatly at the age of 22 a one of kind in the barber busisness.